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Rheinmetall Electronics and Lightspace Sign Partnership

Augmented Reality System [© Rheinmetall]

Rheinmetall Electronics UK have signed a partnership agreement with Lightspace Technologies to advance and produce Augmented Reality Systems.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 13 June 2024: Rheinmetall Electronics UK have signed a partnership agreement with Lightspace Technologies, Latvia to advance and produce Augmented Reality Systems using Multi-focal technology for use in XR and AR applications for the military market. Multi-focal solutions offer the ability to present images and information across multiple focal planes, giving significant operational enhancements and remove the eye fatigue induced by other single focal-plane solutions.

During 2023, Rheinmetall Electronics UK and Lightspace Technologies engaged in proof-of-concept development that was demonstrated as part of the Rheinmetall offering at the UK Ministry of Defence Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) and to the UK Army’s Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU). This solution was applauded for its impressive capability and approach.

A continuation of the development in 2024 and this partnership agreement marks a strengthening in the collaboration between Rheinmetall Electronics UK and Lightspace Technologies. This aims to leverage the respective strengths of each company to create cutting-edge Augmented Reality systems, with development and realisation tailored specifically for defence and security applications. By combining Rheinmetall’s global defence and security market with Lightspace’s expertise in augmented reality technology, the partnership seeks to develop solutions which significantly enhance situational awareness and decision-making processes to enhance operational effectiveness.

Rheinmetall Electronics UK Managing Director, Richard Streeter said: “We are delighted to deepen our partnership with Lightspace, developing cutting edge AR solutions for demanding military applications. This is another element in Rheinmetall’s innovative product portfolio focussed on enhancing security and enabling freedom of action for our global customers. We look forward to launching the productised version of this technology – ACE-AR at the UK MoD’s Defence Vehicle Demonstration exhibition later this year.”

Lightspace Technologies CEO, Ilmars Osmanis said: “Our partnership with Rheinmetall Electronics UK represents an exciting opportunity to leverage our leadership in multi-focal AR technology for defence applications. We look forward to collaborating closely with them to develop and deliver transformative AR solutions that address the unique challenges and requirements of defence and security operations for a wide range of use cases.”


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