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Gerber COMPLEAT Nesting Cutlery Set

The four-part Gerber COMPLEAT consists of Spoon, Multi-Tool Spatula and Fork - the last two are combined here to give Tongs [©BM]
The Gerber COMPLEAT is a compact and lightweight nesting cutlery set which includes a spatula that converts to tongs and also a small multi-tool, writes Bob Morrison.


First seen last autumn in the United States the Gerber COMPLEAT, an evolution of their DEVOUR knife & spoon set, is now available in the UK from many of the major outdoor gear stores.

All four components when nested [©BM]

Comprising four components – Spoon, Fork, Spatula and Multi-Tool – which neatly nest together to take up minimum space, the COMPLEAT is primarily aimed at those who cook food outdoors rather than those who reheat or reconstitute ration pouches, but as it is both lightweight and tough as well as being very functional it would not be out of place in a military daysack. A modern take on the KFS (Knife, Fork & Spoon) set that most should be familiar with, albeit without a knife but with a serrated edge on the spatula that pretty much does the same job, the COMPLEAT also simply converts into a pair of tongs by reversing the spatula and either the fork or spoon and slide-clicking them together. Neat.

Gerber COMPLEAT on its Point of Sale card [©BM]

The fork and spoon are manufactured from corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium alloy, the spatula is formed from glass-filled polyamide with a silicon pan-scraper edge, and the four-function multi-tool (which holds the other three components together when nested) is black anodised pressed steel. The pressed alloy fork and spoon, which are each a respectable 200mm (7.87”) long with indented handles for good grip, need little further description other than to say the bowls are nicely wide and deep ensuring a decent mouthful. The black polyamide spatula, inside which the other components nest, is stiff yet sufficiently flexible to allow a fried egg to be flipped in the pan without breaking the yolk. Finally, the 100mm long multi-tool includes a serrated packaging cutter mini-blade, a can opener, a bottle opener and a vegetable peeler.

Either Fork or Spoon can be mated to the Spatula to form Tongs [©BM]

The COMPLEAT is produced in four colours; Silver, Onyx, Burnt Bronze and Flat Sage. The example featured here is Flat Sage, which is probably the best option for military users. Gerber offer a 25-year Limited Warranty – the warranty number is clearly stamped on the multi-tool.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

COMPLEAT Fork and Spoon in my CAMP-A-BOX bowl for size comparison [©BM]

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