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As a very good addition to their range of ALTBERG Boots, the company has also developed a range of aftermarket insoles under the SVARTZ brand name, writes Mike Gormley.


A lot has gone into the design of these technical insoles and it has paid off. I use them in my Tethera walking boots and have also been using one of the trio, the SVARTZ ANATOMIC ABSORBER, in the new Jorvik Travel Shoes (review in the pipeline).

ANATOMIC ABSORBER has a 3D underfoot shape to support the whole foot [© BM]

Although the standard off-the-self insole is perfectly adequate, the ABSORBER does exactly what it says it does. It offers that added comfort and support to the foot for those especially long days on the move. A farmer friend of mine bought some ALTBERG boots to augment his wellies but he now uses the ABSORBERS in his wellies as well and he tells me it has completely transformed them. Spending all day on his feet from milking in the dairy to doing his daily rounds he was suffering from foot, leg and back issues. He tells me the ABSORBERS have made a significant difference.

Incidentally, Bob our Editor also uses SVARTZ insoles for different tasks and he opted for the ANATOMIC ABSORBER in his UK MoD Desert Combat High Liability Boots. You can read his thoughts on the full range by clicking here.

SVARTZ Insoles are usually available through shops who stock ALTBERG footwear but can also be bought straight from the factory shop in Yorkshire or through the company’s website.

[ images © Mike Gormley or Bob Morrison ]

SVARTZ ANATOMIC ABSORBER footbed with JORVIC TRAVEL Shoe and the distinctive blue Point of Sale box [©MG]
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