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Arquus Unveils Multi-Mission MAV’Rx Platform

Arquus MAV’Rx [© Arquus]

French armoured vehicle manufacturer Arquus unveils its new multi-mission versatile platform, the MAV’Rx, at Eurosatory 2024 in Paris.


Press Release, Guyancourt, 17 June 2024: Confronted with high-intensity scenarios, operational needs are evolving, demanding versatile vehicles capable of adapting to various threats. Arquus addresses this by introducing the prototype of its new multi-role armoured vehicle, which integrates high payload capacity, superior protection, and medium-calibre armament, all while ensuring excellent mobility. MAV’Rx is a genuine contact vehicle. This multi-mission versatile platform can transport a combat group, conducting medical evacuation missions, and providing direct or indirect fire support.

MAV’Rx benefits from Arquus’ globally recognised expertise in mobility. Equipped with independent wheel suspensions and a 400hp engine coupled with a 7-speed automatic gearbox, it boasts impeccable performance. It has all the attributes (VPG, run-flat tires, etc.) that make it an all-terrain vehicle, perfectly at ease in any environment.

Arquus MAV’Rx [© Arquus]

The vehicle meets the highest protection standards (according to STANAG 4569) and benefits from Arquus’ long-standing internal expertise in this field: MAV’Rx supports the combat group in close contact. In its troop transport version, the MAV’Rx can accommodate ten people along with their equipment in optimal habitability conditions. Boarding and disembarking are facilitated by electrically assisted doors and a rear ramp. The design of its cabin allows easy communication among personnel, and the thermal comfort is designed for the most extreme conditions. Control and information are distributed to reduce the cognitive load on the crew. For the commander, the Battlenet system provides better overall tactical awareness and shorter response times.

MAV’Rx is designed as a true contact system. As such, it can carry medium-calibre armament. At Eurosatory, it is presented with JCD’s 25mm turret. It can also be equipped with other types of armament (self-defence type HORNET turret) or other weapon systems. As a system integration expert, Arquus makes MAV’Rx a vehicle capable of accommodating many sensors and effectors, making it suited for high-intensity scenarios.

From its conception, MAV’Rx has taken battlefield maintenance constraints into account. Thus, its powerpack can be replaced in two hours. It is also compatible with HUMS and Arquus’ diagnostic system to offer the best operational availability.

Outstanding mobility, exceptional survivability, and fire support capability are the three main qualities of this vehicle! Focus on the capabilities of Arquus’ MAV’Rx:

  • 400hp engine coupled with a 7-speed automatic gearbox ensuring top-level mobility.
  • Ground connection contributing to the vehicle’s high mobility, notably through independent wheel suspension, a centralised inflation system coupled with a run-flat system.
  • Very high level of protection (according to STANAG 4569), resulting from Arquus’ internal expertise, guaranteeing the survival of embarked personnel.
  • Equipped with systems providing additional protection to the crew: NBC filtration, fire extinguishing system.
  • MAV’Rx offers top-level comfort and ergonomics. Air conditioning and heating are designed to meet all climatic conditions. The interior space and access have been developed to the highest ergonomic standards.
  • Arquus Battlenet (C4) ensures the connectivity of the vehicle’s various systems while reducing the crew’s cognitive load and saving time in decision-making.
  • Adapted to all weapon systems including medium-calibre, the MAV’Rx will be equipped with a CPWS 25mm turret from JCD at Eurosatory.


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