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IDV MTV ~ Iveco Medium Tactical Vehicle

Iveco Defence Vehicles MTV [© Bob Morrison]

Recently rebranded IDV, Italy’s Iveco Defence Vehicles presented the new Modular Military Range including the Medium Tactical Vehicle at Eurosatory.


Press Release, Paris, June 2022: On display at the IDV booth at Eurosatory is an MTV (Medium Tactical Vehicle) model for Dutch Armed Forces, the vehicle platform selected by the Dutch Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) within the ’12 kN & RCWS’ programme. For IDV, in terms of both budget and number of vehicles, the project ’12kN’ has been the biggest procurement in Europe for multirole vehicles over the last 10 years.

On November 28th, 2019, IDV signed the contract with the Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) to initially provide 918 medium multirole vehicles (in several configurations, protected and unprotected). In December 2020, an additional batch of 267 vehicles has been ordered by the DMO, increasing the fleet to a total of 1185 units. The 12 kN contract consists of a family of 4×4 vehicles, based on IDV’s brand-new MTV platform. The different versions can either be protected and unprotected and can as well be equipped with different cabins: pick-up, soft-top, hard-top and full body monocoque.

Iveco Defence Vehicles MTV [© IDV]

IDV benefits from a consolidated experience in the domain of multirole protected vehicles with the best seller LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle), adopted by 14 countries, and the heavier MPV (Medium Protected Vehicle). Both vehicles have already been extensively deployed in high-threat operations where a great number of soldiers have been saved during ballistic / mines / IEDs attacks, thus fulfilling one of the primary goals required by any Customer: survivability.

With a GVW starting from 12 tons, the MTV fills a gap much requested by the market between LMV and MPV. MTV is a modular and versatile vehicle platform, common base for all its variants, both protected and unprotected. This high-performance vehicle efficiently adapts to a variety of users: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations Units and Military Police. The common elements of the different variants are the 6-cylinders 6.7 litres diesel engine, able to reach 207 kW of power and 1000 Nm of torque, the automated transmission and the permanent 4×4 wheel-drive with 3 fully lockable differentials and high and low gears. Moreover, the MTV benefits from the latest digital systems, with CANBUS J1939, ready for C4I systems, in combination with EMI/EMC according to standards MIL-STD 461 and AECTP 500.

Iveco Defence Vehicles MTV [© IDV]

Protection is a fundamental feature as well: IDV has made use of its deep expertise gained with LMV and MPV platforms. MTV variants, short and long cab and monocoque, are manufactured from ballistic steel and benefit from an add-on steel protection kit, which increases the ballistic and blast protection levels.

In terms of crew transportation, the Soft-Top and Hard-Top versions can accommodate a team of 4/5 people. The Pick-up can accommodate a crew of 2. The Casualty Transport can accommodate a crew of 2 and 2 lying or 4 sitting. The Military Police / Air Force Security Vehicle can accommodate a crew of 2+6.

Iveco Defence Vehicles MTV [© IDV]


Basic Specification:-

  • Wheelbase: 3460mm
  • Track: 2015mm
  • Overall length: 5760mm
  • Overall width: 2430mm
  • Overall height: 2760mm
  • Ground clearance: 350mm
  • Approach angle: 45°
  • Departure angle: 35°
  • Unprepared fording depth: 750mm
  • Max Gradient: 60%
  • Max side slope: 30%
  • Turning circle: <16m
  • Payload: >2000kg
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: >12000kg
  • Towing capability: 3500kg
  • Top speed: 90 km/h
  • Tyres: 365/85R20

Footnote: The IDV MTV is known as MANTICORE in Dutch service.


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