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Moog RiwP Unveiled at IAV 2022

Moog RIwP demonstrator at IAV 2022 [© Bob Morrison]

The Moog RIwP (Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform) has made its European début at the IAV 2022 conference and expo in London.


Moog’s RIwP (Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform) is a proven, modular, and scalable remote turret providing unmatched capacity to host multi-domain payloads for current and future ground-combat platforms. RIwP offers anti-aircraft, anti-tank, or multi-mission capabilities via world-class precision medium-calibre and indirect fires.

Moog RWiP illustration [© Moog]

Designed to be weapon, sight, and platform agnostic, RIwP accommodates firepower growth to support future mission requirements. With survivability in mind the turret allows the warfighter to reload while under armour Popular configurations meet the full spectrum of turret-related missions with the standard cupola being the centrepiece to build tailorable and reconfigurable ‘plug-and-play’ weapons solutions.

Moog RIwP array [© Moog]

RIwP is payload agnostic and can accommodate the following:

  • 30mm guns/cannons
  • .50cal gun
  • Coax machine guns
  • Anti-aircraft, anti-tank, multi-mission missiles
  • Future state-of-the art missiles
  • Target acquisition sensor and sight options
  • Non-lethal, electronic warfare, and directed energy options

RIwP is Platform agnostic and can be fitted to:

  • Wheeled armoured fighting vehicles
  • Tracked armoured fighting vehicles
  • Robotic combat vehicles
  • Containerised platforms
[© Moog]

COMMONALITY: The RIwP family of turrets shares 85% commonality of subcomponents with all configurations thereby minimising logistical footprint size and sustainment costs, maximising training efficiency, and reducing total cost of ownership.

SURVIVABILITY: RIwP’s design allows the warfighter to reload the direct fire weapons from inside the vehicle under full armour protection. Options for add-on armour are available.

FIELD RECONFIGURABLE: RIwP allows for pre-planned mechanical, electrical, and software interfaces to support the swapping of payloads. Payloads can be changed in minutes with organic maintenance personnel and minimal lift capability.

PROVEN CAPABILITY: RIwP is the centrepiece for the [US] Army’s Maneuver Short Range Air Defense Increment 1 (M-SHORAD, Inc 1) programme and is supporting numerous other government operational needs.


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