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GDELS Showcases New Vehicle Variants At Eurosatory

ASCOD – evolution and innovation combined in one multi-role platform [© GDELS]

GDELS (General Dynamics European Land Systems) is currently presenting its latest vehicle variants in Paris at Eurosatory 2024.


Press Release, Paris, 17 June 2024: General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) is currently presenting its latest vehicle variants in Paris at EUROSATORY 2024, one of the world’s leading defence and security trade events. The innovative capabilities presented are all based on GDELS’ off-the-shelf vehicle and mobile bridge families, uniting mission proven reliability with state-of-the-art technology. While Europe and NATO are fundamentally redefining their capability requirements, GDELS’ readily available product portfolio is perfectly suited to swiftly make up for quantitative shortfalls with proven military-of-the-shelf solutions.

GDELS is presenting the ASCOD in an enhanced IFV configuration equipped with a mission-proven unmanned 30 mm turret featuring a co-axial machine gun, an ATGM launcher system and the world’s leading and most mature active protection system. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with a MESHnet V6 Tactical from General Dynamics Mission Systems, which provides cutting edge CIS capability to this combat vehicle.

A second ASCOD in a new IFV configuration is presented by Escribano Mechanical & Engineering in the Spanish pavilion.

PANDUR EVO 120 mm Mortar Carrier – state-of-the-art turreted indirect fire solution [© GDELS]

The highly mobile armoured vehicle PANDUR 6×6 EVO equipped with a 120 mm turreted mortar system provides excellent indirect firepower and firing on the move capabilities. Furthermore, a new configuration of the PANDUR 8X8 is on display with Excalibur Army.

EAGLE TASYS – the agile all-rounder for recce and forward observer missions [© GDELS]

The EAGLE TASYS (Taktisches Aufklärungssystem or Tactical Reconnaissance System) for the Swiss Armed Forces is among the first 6×6 variants of the proven EAGLE family to enter service. The integrated multi-sensor mast, IT and communications systems, low silhouette, large stowage space, broad field of view, and the excellent on- and off-road performance make the EAGLE TASYS the perfect vehicle for today’s reconnaissance role.

PIRANHA AAC – the perfect combination of firepower and mobility [© GDELS]

The PIRANHA Advanced Artillery Carrier (AAC) combines the recently introduced 10×10 PIRANHA Heavy Mission Carrier (HMC) with the fully automated, unmanned 155 mm/L52 artillery gun module (AGM) from KNDS Deutschland. With a gross vehicle weight of up to 40t and a turning circle of less than 18m thanks to its four-axle steering, the PIRANHA AAC unites outstanding tactical mobility and superior artillery firepower – including 360° effective azimuth, shoot & scoot, fire on the move and MRSI capabilities.

PIRANHA SAPPEUR – the multi-tool for combat engineers [© GDELS]

The PIRANHA SAPPEUR is the latest addition to the PIRANHA fleet of the Swiss Armed Forces. It sets the benchmark for modern wheeled armoured engineering vehicles. Based on the mission proven PIRANHA family, it features an NGVA-compatible electronic vehicle architecture, a front interface for different mission tools and generous space to transport an engineer squad and additional material.

With the PIRANHA StratCom, GDELS presents the latest and most modern vehicle variant in a C4I role. With its high payload and interior volume, it offers the ideal workspace, providing full protection for mission systems and operators to assure long range communication. The vehicle is equipped with an innovative 15-metre mast system.

ANACONDA – a new standard in the dry-gap bridge domain [© GDELS]

The ANACONDA truck-based bridge-layer system is an innovative, robust and mobile turnkey solution, which represents an effective and affordable alternative to conventional tracked AVLBs. The ANACONDA is specially tailored to the needs of medium mechanised forces. Truck-mounted, it combines high speed for long-distance convoy driving with cross-country driving and a load capacity to carry all Main Battle Tanks in service with all NATO countries.


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