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KNDS as European Provider of Military Robots

CENTURIO multipurpose tactical robot [© KNDS]

KNDS to become the main European provider of military robots and unveils the new CENTURIO range to meet all the needs of an Army.


Press Release, Amsterdam, 21 June 2024: KNDS to become the main European provider of military robots:

  • KNDS demonstrates remote-operation of main battle tank chassis.
  • KNDS unveils the new CENTURIO combat robots’ range and new modular UGV-solutions in cooperation with MILREM Robotics.
  • KNDS provides field proven robots such as the NERVA patrol robot that currently protects the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition.

KNDS heightens the operational credibility of its robots: Unmanned systems, made for the first engagements in combat, are required to save lives in modern warfare. KNDS is providing a whole range of robots of all sizes characterised by their modularity to meet all needs. KNDS has achieved several successes regarding the secured operation of robots:

  • The patrol version of the NERVA range of micro-robots is currently in service in Eurosatory 2024 to protect the exhibition by night.
  • KNDS presented a Medium-Forces-Mission-Solution with manned/unmanned teamed systems including Data-Management and sensor to shooter technologies.
  • KNDS has performed successful tests of long range secured communication between a ground operator and a ground platform: radio links reached 7km in open field, and 80m inside a ship during a test with the French Navy. KNDS also provides a secured radio link at up to 80km for the LARINAE loitering ammunition program.
  • Engineering robots: KNDS has proven in multiple scenarios remote piloted bridge laying systems to various nations and the CENTURIO robot successfully achieved an explosive ordnance reconnaissance mission while the operator was piloting out-of-sight.
  • Robust autonomous capacity: KNDS conducted several mobility tests with an ULTRO robot using an artificial intelligence which has been able to follow roads, forest paths, daymarks, soldiers and vehicles.

CENTURIO ~ a new range of robots to meet all the needs of an Army: KNDS’ range is now completed with the new CENTURIO multipurpose tactical robots. The CENTURIO range includes a combat robot version equipped with a 30mm ARX 30, an explosive ordnance reconnaissance version and a CBRN detection version. KNDS also offers other heavy solutions such as the ULTRO carrier robot and the OPTIO tracked combat robot. We are now working on a remotely operated main battle tank chassis in order to prepare the MGCS.


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