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Milrem Robotics Exhibits at IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi

Milrem Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle at IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi [© Bob Morrison]

Autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics exhibits cutting-edge intelligent and integrated robotic systems at IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi.


Press Release, Tallinn, February 2023: The leading European robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics exhibits several cutting-edge intelligent and integrated robotic systems at IDEX 2023 launched today in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The robotic systems on display are intended for a wide range of missions, including tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and sophisticated combat operations.

Milrem Robotics’ unmanned systems are complemented with Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit MIFIK which provides autonomous capabilities and a command-and-control system intended specifically for robotic systems that integrates multiple dissimilar unmanned aerial and ground assets. Milrem Robotics’ solutions aim to facilitate manned-unmanned teaming, the synchronised deployment of soldiers, manned and unmanned air and ground vehicles, robotics, and sensors to achieve enhanced situational awareness, increased lethality, and improved survivability.

Milrem Robotics display at IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi [© Bob Morrison]

“In ten years Milrem Robotics has evolved from a vehicle developer into a system integrator in the robotics domain. We provide full system solutions including different ground and aerial systems with integrated command and control. Over the next years we will increase our product portfolio in terms of new autonomous ground systems and work on manned-unmanned teaming solutions,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

Altogether three Milrem Robotics’ systems can be found at IDEX. The Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle is an organic part of mechanised units that can take the most dangerous positions and provide equal or overmatching firepower and tactical usage compared to traditional Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Thanks to Vegvisir’s Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System Type-X operators have a 360-degree virtual dome with EO/IR sensor fusion for both close and medium proximity vision and target engagement capabilities in any condition. In addition to a 30mm auto-cannon, the Type-X is equipped with Halcon’s Hunter 2S loitering munitions launchers.

The two other displayed robotic systems are based on the multi-mission THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that is already delivered to 16 countries, including 8 NATO members and that has proven itself during a 12-month deployment in Mali during Operation BARKHANE. The THeMIS Combat UGV provides high-precision direct-fire support for manoeuvre units. With the self-stabilising, dual-gun SCORPION Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) by Saudi Advanced Technologies (Wahaj), advanced sensors and fire control system, the THeMIS Combat allows units to assess and engage the enemy at maximum standoff distances, increasing force protection and survivability. Additional security is provided with the Spexer 2000 radar, which can detect small and slow as well as fast manoeuvring targets on the move and operate in a high-clutter environment.

The THeMIS Observe is built for tactical reconnaissance missions. The system includes a variety of sensors for day and night operations, acoustic gunshot detector, smoke screen protection and a ground surveillance radar. Extra security is provided by the deFNder Light RWS by FN Herstal. The combination of those systems allows units to do multi sensor identification on one platform and react faster on emerging targets.

The company’s products are on display with EDGE, one of the world’s leading defence groups, and an emerging leader in the development and manufacture of technologically advanced autonomous systems.


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