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Avon Protection MCM100 Chosen by New Zealand

The MCM100 Multi-Role Rebreather provides unparalleled underwater capability for military divers [© Avon Protection]

Eurosatory 2024 ~ Avon Protection’s MCM100 Underwater Rebreather has been chosen by the New Zealand Defence Force.


Press Release, Melksham, 17 June 2024: Avon Protection, the leader in innovative underwater and CBRN protective equipment, is pleased to announce that its MCM100 Multi-Role Rebreather has been selected by the New Zealand Defence Force to equip its navy divers. This significant contract includes the supply of MCM100 systems, spares and accessories, and a multi-year support programme.

Initially developed and deployed with global militaries and specialist user groups, the MCM100 delivers enhanced diver safety and extended mission duration for military divers across the spectrum of shallow and deep-water diving operations; including explosive ordinance disposal (EOD), mine-countermeasures (MCM), Special Forces, covert subsurface infiltration, submarine release & infiltration, and manned underwater vehicle operations.

The electronically controlled, closed-circuit MCM100 uses advanced digital oxygen sensors and a native decompression algorithm to manage the oxygen and decompression risk. System and mission information is fed to the diver via a wrist or console-mounted handset display and a heads-up display, maximising system usability and allowing the user to focus on the mission rather than the equipment. Additionally, automated pre-dive sequencing reduces mission readiness time and enhances safety.

The MCM100’s modular design ensures a future-proofed capability for the underwater operator, providing users flexibility in how and when they integrate new technologies as they become available or as their mission envelope changes.

“In selecting the MCM100 Multi-Role Rebreather, the New Zealand Defence Force is equipping its military divers with world-leading technology to enhance the safety and effectiveness of their increasingly diverse operations,” said Kevin Gurr, Avon Protection’s Underwater Systems Director. “We look forward to working with the New Zealand Defence Force as this system enters service and we continue to support their operations over the coming years.”

New Zealand joins a user community that includes other key NATO nations and partner navies.


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