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KNDS Towards MGCS at Eurosatory

Leclerc Evolution [© KNDS]

Towards MGCS / Main Ground Combat System ~ KNDS details its vision of the future for European main battle tanks at Eurosatory.


Press Release, Amsterdam, 17 June 2024: With its state-of-the-art technology, KNDS has always been able to adapt to the operational needs of its customers with combat proven and modular systems. Today, KNDS reveals the three steps of its MBT strategy.

LEOPARD 2A8 and Leclerc XLR: the proven references of main battle tanks

KNDS is exploiting the current extended and expanding European LEOPARD customer base. The latest version of the LEOPARD 2 A8 is characterised by maximum protection, best reconnaissance rate, state-of-the-art communication equipment and maximum effectiveness on the battlefield. It is the successful result of cooperation with 22 user nations.

KNDS is also presenting the Leclerc XLR. The upgrade to the XLR standard of the French Army’s Leclerc fleet is ongoing. This modernisation of the Leclerc MBT for the French Army addresses immediate needs of protection and communication, while intermediate requirements will be tackled by the Leclerc Evolution from 2030 onwards.

LEOPARD 2 ARC 3.0 and Leclerc Evolution: the modular solutions for the next decade

For the first time, KNDS showcases the two next steps of its MBT roadmap: the LEOPARD 2 A-RC 3.0 and the Leclerc Evolution. Both systems are under development, and they both integrate a modular turret which gun can be switched from 120 mm to 140mm ASCALON gun.

The Leclerc Evolution is equipped with a manned turret hosting a 120 mm ASCALON gun, which can be easily retrofitted to higher calibres up to 140 mm. Introducing a new concept with four crew members that is adapted to the latest tactical situations, the Leclerc Evolution integrates a deputy commander crew station fitted in the chassis to manage an extensive sensors and effectors suite, such as the ARX 30 RCWS perfectly fitted for counter-UAV warfare and a loitering ammunition launcher.

The Leopard 2 ARC 3.0 is a 3-crew MBT with an unmanned and modular turret that can host a main gun from 120mm to 140mm and its autoloader. The turret also integrates a 30mm secondary weapon and antitank missiles.

Both the Leclerc Evolution and the Leopard 2 ARC 3.0 will ensure a commercial complementarity and a joint perspective for the third step of KNDS’ strategy: the development of MBT demonstrators preparing for the development of MGCS.

The EMBT ADT 140: anticipating the future

KNDS is pro-actively anticipating on MGCS by developing the ASCALON Demonstrator Turret (ADT 140), a remotely-operated turret equipped with a 140 mm ASCALON gun. During Eurosatory 2024, KNDS displays the EMBT with the ADT 140. This turret demonstrator aims at confirming KNDS’ unmatched firepower as well as illustrating KNDS’ vision of future technologies integration such as sensor fusion, integral hemispheric active protection, AI, cyber and hybrid applications on energy. In the field of autonomous mobility, KNDS is working on a remotely operated main battle tank chassis.

This year, KNDS will showcase the superlative firepower of the 140mm ASCALON gun, and the versatility of its technology, able to switch from 120 to 140mm calibre. In the next month, we will showcase its capability to fire on the move through a remotely operated ASCALON 140 mm turret.

  • KNDS is the leader of the main battle tank (MBT) in Europe with the LEOPARD 2A8 and the Leclerc XLR.
  • KNDS is developing the LEOPARD 2 A-RC 3.0 and the Leclerc Evolution to provide intermediate solutions between actual systems and MGCS.
  • KNDS prepares the EMBT ADT140 as a demonstrator for the MGCS technology. At Eurosatory, KNDS showcases the firepower and modularity of its 140mm ASCALON gun, and in 2025, KNDS will demonstrate its capacity to fire on the move with its remotely operated turret.


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