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Smarter Technologies Prove Orion Asset Tracking

Sensor to shooter response times significantly reduced on Operation LINOTYPER using IoT, cloud processing, reconnaissance drones and tactical mobility [© Smarter Technologies]

Smarter Technologies Group (STG) prove their Orion Asset Tracking capability on the UK’s Operation LINOTYPER 24.


Press Release, Ringwood, 13 June 2024: Smarter Technologies Group (STG), the leading British provider of cloud-hosted Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions, has continued its support to Army Logistics with a deployment of its Orion asset-tracking technology on Operation LINOTYPER. The aim is to use IoT data to enrich the Recognised Logistics Picture, with reliable, relevant and timely management information. Testing the capability on operations is important for the Army to evaluate the benefits of innovative technology, refine its future requirements and drive the digital transformation of logistics to achieve Support Advantage.

Operation LINOTYPER 24 is the UK’s contribution to STEADFAST DEFENDER 24 (SD24), NATO’s largest manoeuvres since the cold war, with over 90,000 troops deployed across Europe from all 32 NATO countries. SD24 is an emphatic demonstration of the Alliance’s unity, strength and determination against a rising threat, and the UK has deployed over 16,000 troops since January this year.

Smarter Technologies has extensive experience of high-value asset-tracking in the commercial sector and worked closely with Army Logistics, 101 Operational Support Brigade and 27 Regiment RLC on Exercise IRON TITAN 23 to demonstrate the benefits of automated asset-tracking at second line. That collaboration now extends across boundaries, to include 104 Theatre Support Brigade and 9 Regiment RLC at third line and manoeuvre brigades at first line. 10 The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment have also been important partners.

Over the course of LINOTYPER 24, STG has built upon IRON TITAN 23 to provide real-time data insight to commanders and staff across the logistics enterprise, enhance situational awareness and contribute to a robust common operating picture. As well as tracking mission-critical items through the supply system, sense and warn capabilities have been employed to support the emerging concept of digital supply areas. Automated overwatch provides remote assurance and triggers alerts and notifications for appropriate response. The result is timely and targeted intervention to incidents that optimises the employment of troops, allows greater logistic dispersion and enhances survivability without compromising security.

A particular highlight was the powerful integration of IoT sense and warn devices on the ground, mission-configurable and remotely accessible user interface dashboards at command-and-control nodes, surveillance drones used to investigate alerts and notifications, and quick reaction forces on quad bikes able to deploy rapidly and efficiently to address security incidents in the divisional support area.

Mark Read, STG’s Chief Executive, said, “We’re very proud to work with our Armed Forces, to help their digital transformation, support them to maximise their operational effectiveness and ensure the right logistic supplies get to the right place at the right time. Our unique Orion Data Network capability is deployed across all the Services, in home-base locations, and LINOTYPER proves its value in deployed environments too, wherever our troops are required to operate.”


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