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Darn Tough Boot Socks

The Darn Tough T3006 high leg boot socks in Desert Tan - they work [©MG]

I have been using Darn Tough socks for quite some time now and when I say used – I mean really used, writes Mike Gormley.


The socks I feature here are from the Darn Tough Tactical range, product number T3006, and were originally produced for the US military, though the company has now opened up this range for the wider user market… that’s us. Proper job, as they say down here in the shadow of Dartmoor.


These are good socks indeed. Darn Tough are made in the USA in their own factory. If you read their PR is says quite a lot, including things you would perhaps expect. After all, they are not going to say these are rubbish are they? But in this case I can fully concur.


I have used these long boot socks in both high leg and normal boots and have found them easy to put on and comfortable, plus they stay up and seem to last a long time. I find your foot stays comfortable in these whatever the conditions. Made from a mix of Merino, Nylon and Lycra they are all set to keep you feet happy for a long time.


This Darn Tough T3006 model is produced in Black, Coyote Brown, Desert Tan and Foliage Green. Well worth a try.

{ image © Mike Gormley }

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